Helpful Tips

Tips for Move Day

  • Please ensure you have read and electronically signed the moving contract with All Pro Movers. In addition, keep a copy of all related papers together until charges have been paid and claims, if any, have been resolved.   


  • Make sure to answer your phone from unknown callers, as the movers will call to inform you of their estimated arrival time. Also, ensure someone is at the location to welcome the movers and answer any questions.
  • Make sure all valuables are secured, such as cell phones, purses, wallets, money, or jewelry, during service


  • Ensure that all firearms, such as handguns, rifles, shotguns, etc., remain secured during service.


  • Accompany the driver as he inventories your items and their condition as they are loaded.
  • It is your responsibility to see that all your goods are loaded, so do NOT skip the final walk-through (at the starting location and destination).


  • Be prepared to pay the movers before unloading the items at your destination unless other billing arrangements were made in advance. Payment is required when movers arrive at the drop-off location in cash, debit, or credit card payment methods. No personal checks are accepted.


  • Review your floor plan at the new location to refresh your memory about where you want furniture and appliances placed, and then instruct the movers.


  • At the end of your service, check the truck to ensure all your belongings have been delivered.


  • Lastly, contact us to inform us of the quality and service you received during the moving process. All Pro Movers prides itself on customer satisfaction, and we always love to hear about the customers’ experience with our company.



Click the link next to the named resource, enter the information, and submit the form when completed. The data will be directed to the appropriate department, and someone will contact you asap.

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