Our moving labor teams help you get your packed items onto and off the moving truck. People who book this service only; already have the transportation but no desire to load the items on or off the truck. They only need our professional movers to load or unload their items. Some people consider this the most challenging part of moving, so it makes sense to hire professionals.


Moving furniture can be difficult for those without the manpower. All Pro Movers offers in-house arrangement service for those needing help moving furniture upstairs, downstairs, or to the curbside. We’ve got you covered! From any size item from Pianos to large projector screen TV!


Moving furniture Many people move from one unit to another within the same building or complex. All Pro Movers professional help comes with all the equipment, hand truck dollies, professional moving blankets, and tape to protect your furniture even for this short-distance move. So please sit back and relax and let us do the work


Oftentimes, one of the most tedious and disheartening tasks can be the disassembly of particular items that are big or unwieldy and would benefit from being taken apart to be relocated and reassembled once it arrives at the destination. These items include grandfather clocks, swing sets, children’s play sets, appliances, pool tables, ping pong tables, large furniture, beds, exercise equipment, and more. All Pro Movers include assembly and disassembly service at no additional charge with our moving service.